Smartest Cities

The World’s Smartest Cities

The rise in smart technology trends has now expanded from homes and gadgets to cities. That’s the reason why we see a rise in smart cities globally. Although, we are yet to reach that futuristic level of smart city concept in practical, yet, the trend seems emerging as we now see a number of cities getting up the list. Here we list the world’s smartest cities where anyone would dream to live.

1. New York – USA

New York – a renowned place in the United States, tops the list of the smartest cities of the world. It certainly flaunts its 360 take-ups on the implementation of technology for humans. Whether it is the region’s economy, governance, lifestyle, recreation, infrastructure planning or transportation, everything is seemingly powered by technology. Eventually, the city emerges as one of the most convenient places offering a futuristic lifestyle to its citizens.

2. Barcelona – Spain

Spain is yet another name that we frequently hear of when talking about technologically advanced regions. The region has quickly thrived as a tech giant, attracting many IT and cybersecurity firms. The place also hosts a number of servers to work as VPN Spain for various service providers. However, that is not the only thing Spain has mastered. Instead, Spain has also exhibited tremendous growth in smart technology, and now boasts an entire smart city of Barcelona.

Known for the soccer league, Barcelona has also established itself as a smart city in 2012. Since then, it has continued to top up the list as it focuses more on the implementation of technology towards urban infrastructure. In particular, we can see such applications in the field of transportation.

3. Reykjavik – Iceland

Reykjavik is one of the most scenic places in the world. The city is not only proud of its picturesque spots, mesmerizing views of natural beauty, springs, volcanoes, and pure environment, but it also boasts its terrific scientific growth. Perhaps, that’s the reason why it gets listed here.  

Being the largest city of Iceland, Reykjavik deserved special attention to become a representative of the nation – and, it certainly does so. The city has evolved as a smart city with tremendous technology applications to every niche. Improved energy sources, efficient transportation system, and futuristic lifestyle jazz up its natural beauty to become heaven on Earth for the Earth-dwellers.

4. Copenhagen – Denmark

Scandinavia lists itself among those few places in the world that truly depict natural beauty. Nonetheless, the region does not limit itself as being a tourist spot, rather it also displays technological advancements. Particularly, the city of Copenhagen in Denmark has thrived to the extent of becoming a smart city. The region is particularly appreciated for its emphasis on green technology. This city bears one of the smallest carbon footprints, and for that also, it has plans to achieve carbon neutrality within the next six years – that is – by 2025.