Membership Benefits

ULI Members Enjoy Special Benefits!

Top-10 Benefits of Joining ULI as a Member Today

  • The Mission

Make a difference in your hometown by supporting leadership in the responsible use of land, and in building a sustainable, thriving community.

  • Networking and Influence

“If you don’t have a place at the table, you’re on the menu.” ULI is YOUR PLACE at the table among leaders who are shaping Houston’s future development.

  • Contacts

The on-line directory of ULI Members, a goldmine only available to members.

  • Reduced costs for programs, and admission to special MEMBERS ONLY events.
  • Urban Land Magazine

11 times a year.

  • Research and Information Resources

Great information sources, from case studies to customized research from ULI staff researchers, all at your fingertips.

  • Conferences and Professional Educational Opportunities

ULI professional development and industry education is considered the gold standard for quality and thought leadership.

  • Chance to Lead

Participation on ULI District Council Committees is the best way to build lasting relationships while accomplishing great things for ULI Houston and our hometown.

  • Full Members

All of the above, plus the chance to join a Council; to serve as a District Council Chair; to attend the Spring Council Forum; to serve as an Officer; or to serve as a Trustee.

It Looks Great on Your Resume – now more than ever, we should all look for ways to make ourselves as valuable as possible to our employers, clients and partners!

Upcoming Events

  • May 25: Urban Revival-rising above challenges, emerging from recession
  • June 14 (SOLD OUT) – Maximizing Real Estate Value – Urban Design and the Bottom Line
  • September 7: Doing Business with the City of Houston


  • These upcoming ULI Houston special events are not open for registration yet, but you will not want to miss your chance to build connections, learn and celebrate with us.

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